Life is Short, Live in Dog Years

Life is Short, Live in Dog Years

I will be back soon. We just lost two of our precious dogs (Cinder on Feb. 2 and our darling Dolly on March 29). This story is wonderful, touching, and beautiful. Please enjoy. I did – through my tears.

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Life is Short, Live in Dog Years

Story and Photos Contributed by Ruffwear Ambassador Mallory Paige, in loving memory of her adventure pal, Baylor the Dog.

I used to say a dog’s short life was the hardest part about making them your best friend, but now I know it’s actually the biggest gift. My dog, Baylor, taught me that.


For 12 years, Baylor and I did everything together. As a tiny puppy he followed me from room to room, unable to relax unless we were snuggled up together. He went on his first road trip at just 11-weeks-old and was irreversibly convinced he was the size of a chihuahua.


He wasn’t perfect, and that’s what I liked about him. Years of never getting into anything were intermixed with moments of gobbling down an entire carrot cake, shredding a wicker wastebasket and methodically eating an entire rock garden.


He was an…

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