Bluegrass Jams (You Don’t Need a “Ball” Jar)

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Where does one go to listen to some good bluegrass music? The Del McCoury band isn’t in town. Neither are Dailey and Vincent, Pine Mountain Railroad, Ricky Scaggs, the Grascals, or Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.


Find your local bluegrass jam, pull up a chair, and enjoy. You don’t even need a “Ball” jar. (In this case by “jam” I mean a loose association of musicians who get together to play and enjoy music and camaraderie.)  Now, I’m not saying that all jams are equal. Some are definitely more accomplished than others, but they are all fun.

Check the Handsome Man in the Middle

We started going to jams when Jim re-found his interest in guitar. Bluegrass is his music of choice. We found that our Tennessee neighbors (we hope to build and retire there someday) get together on the Fourth of July and play lots of different kinds of music – some of which is bluegrass.


There are all manner of  jams in east Tennessee. Some are regularly scheduled, but many others are spur-of-the-moment gatherings of friends. It’s easy to find a place to play when there; check out local firehouses, ask at music stores, or follow your ears to the garage of a local home.


Where would we find like-minded folks in Michigan? Seems all we had to do was check local town newspapers and the Internet. We’ve been lucky enough to find several “jams” in our local area. Two are in church buildings, one is at a government building, and one is at a township park. There are also several regular jams within driving distance.

No matter where you are, you should be able to enjoy a bluegrass jam. They’re fun for kids of all ages. From the tiniest of tykes to oldsters who are young at heart (and in their feet). Check it out! You may just find that you’ll be a fan, too.

(By the way, if you like to pick, you’ll be most welcome.)

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