For My Snowed-In Friends

For My Snowed-In Friends

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All my posts aren’t about dogs, horses or travel (well, except for about 99.9% which are). I was thinking about all my friends in the mid-Atlantic, East coast, and deep south who are still struggling with the effects of this last super-storm.

Several years ago, I shared this blog with y’all when we were being inundated by a big snow. I thought some of you might feel the need for a nice, hot toddy. Here’s one I heartily endorse! (No this isn’t a political post!)


We Can Get Some Serious Snow, too

So what does a Kentucky-bred, Florida-raised, FSU (Florida State University) alum, who now lives in Michigan do when the snow keeps falling and there’s a minimum of a foot of the fluffy stuff on the ground? Well, I try to figure out a new bourbon recipe (hot of course).

This is what I call …

Hot Bourbon Ball

Put the kettle on!

cocoa mug

Put the Cocoa into a Mug

Put dry hot chocolate (your favorite kind) into a mug

Devil's Cut

Add the Bourbon (I use Devi’s Cut)

Measure in 1.5 oz. Devil’s Cut bourbon (I prefer this bourbon for this recipe as it has an assertive flavor that doesn’t get hidden with the other ingredients.)
1 oz Dark Creme de Cocoa
1 oz Amaretto



Stir all together to fully incorporate


Heavy Cream

Add 1 oz Heavy Cream


Stir Again!


hot water

Add Hot Water

Top with whipped cream (you could also add chocolate curls if you wished)




I’d remiss without warning that these may become habit-forming. Also, do not toddy and drive!

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