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Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Real heroes don’t wear capes. If you met a true hero on the street, you probably wouldn’t even realize that you’re in the presence of greatness. A couple of years ago, we were in the presence of many, many heroes. These are everyday people who were courageous enough to take a chance on adopting a Miracle dog. If you’ve read my blog in the past, you know that Miracle dogs are German Shepherd Dogs (or GSD mixes) who – through no fault of their own – ended up in high-kill shelters (mostly in California). An amazing group – The Miracle GSD Network – https://www.facebook.com/groups/310605105708097/ swooped in and saved these marvelous creatures.  Through outreach on public media (mostly), funds are raised to rescue the dogs from the shelters, initial veterinary care, and cover transportation to rescue organizations throughout the United States.


Cali (then called Dulce) – skin and bone in the high-kill California shelter

One story that illustrates, to me, a true hero, is this story. This is Jill’s story of her Miracle Dog, Cali. Cali has had all kinds of health issues, but Jill has persevered and given Cali all the love and care any dog could hope for.


Cali (Dulce) at the Reunion with one of the wonderful Miracle GSD Network founders

SMGSR 3rd Anniversary25

Just Look What Jill’s Love has Done for Cali

“As I sit here looking at poor Cali, I wonder why God brought her into my life. Having lost our Border Collie 6 months before getting Cali, I swore I would never have a dog again. Hayley was our only dog because I am NOT a dog person. I am very afraid of dogs and with my OCD, I cannot pet them! I know, weird. When I saw Cali’s picture on FB, my Miracle GSD Network, #483, I told Howie that God told me I had to get her. Why God choose me to get her, I still question this. I have petted this dog, brushed her daily, held her, gone out in the snow in middle of the night to carry her in when she was too weak, cooked her homemade food, hand fed her, cleaned up many accidents in the house, whatever this princess needs. Last summer, I brought her to a reunion sponsored by SW German Shepherd Rescue and so many people from around the country were there to see Cali. They hugged her, cried when they saw her and knew what a special, sweet girl she is. I was TERRIFIED to attend. I was surrounded by huge German Shepherds…not just one but many. My heart pounded out of my chest the whole time but was thrilled I went. All I want is Cali to be happy and not in pain. The last year has been a constant struggle with this dog. Why God I ask..why? My heart hurts when I think of her in pain, thinking I may have to put her down, questioning am I doing the right thing. I do know though, that I love this dog and wouldn’t change getting her and getting her off the streets of abuse and starving in California. Please continue praying for Cali…and me!!”

2015-07-25 12.59.04

Much Loved Cali 

My heart goes out to Jill, her family, and her sweet Cali. If Jill isn’t a hero, there is no such thing.

2015-07-25 12.59.16

Please Pray for Cali and Jill

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