Spring Sprang!

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What a weird and wacky year 2012 has been, thus far. Here in Michigan, we are usually still under a blanket of snow, or it’s (at least) melting away. This year, we’ve already surpassed 85 degrees.


Winter 2011/2012 was extraordinarily warm. We had little snow this winter. Before anyone misunderstands, I am in no way complaining. Sadly, it’s been unprofitable for the folks who run ski resorts, make their living from snowmobiling, or run snow-removal companies which are all big business in Michigan. Personally, though, I don’t miss all that snow. I didn’t get to take photos of myself trying to snow-shoe (and the inevitable face-plant). I have plenty to blog about without embarrassing myself – at least on purpose.


Spring came to our home almost two months early this year. Sure, the calendar said it was time, but that’s never been a factor in the nine springs we have spent here. The trees, shrubs, bulbs, and perennial flowers are all starting to leaf out and flower. I thought I’d take some quick photos and share them as this is the most riotous blooming in our yard, yet.

Image Image

I was actually too late to catch the first bloomers. The Siberian Squill and Crocus caught me totally off-guard. The Bellflowers/Forsythia have surpassed any previous year by a huge margin. I’ve seen many of these which have been trimmed into nice, civilized shapes. That’s just not “us.” We love the spiky, untamed, natural look in our yard. We make a special effort to garden for wildlife (and it works if you’ve seen earlier posts about the deer and other critters in the yard).


ImageThe cherry shrubs are so pretty this year, also. (These do bear small fruit, but they aren’t for human consumption)




The first of our wood hyacinths have started blooming.


Even the redbud trees have started budding out!


The wood poppy by our front steps is full of bright yellow flowers.


The first primroses are waking up.


The temperatures this morning brought frost warnings. Tomorrow morning, especially, will be back to more “normal,” and we have freeze warnings, but I’m hopeful that this is one last “hurrah” for Jack Frost.


Up Next: More Springtime Flowers – Daffodils and Tulips and Iris – Oh, My!


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