Fairies in My Garden (Fireflies vs. Lightning Bugs)

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I love this time of year. No, it’s not the heat and humidity that I enjoy, it’s the evenings! As long as I can remember, I’ve loved summer evenings for one specific reason – fairies!


There are fairies in my garden! One of my earliest memories is my “aunt” Jean (my mother’s, cousin’s wife – hence the need to call her “Aunt”) telling me that the little flying lights that started up just around dark were fairies. I spent so many summer nights in North Carolina with my friend, Zana Avis, running around chasing fairies. Even after I knew that they were fireflies, I thought of them as fairies.


I don’t remember there being many fireflies in Florida when I was growing up. They seemed to be part of my North Carolina/Tennessee summers. Even in Georgia for the twenty-odd years I lived there, fireflies were scarce.


Now, here I am in Michigan, and there are fireflies everywhere at night. I suppose we have so many because we’re in the woods. Starting around the fourth of July, the yard, the bushes, the trees and the sky are full of sparkling lights. It’s almost as though they start celebrating the same time we celebrate our American independence.

Every time I see my yard full of light, I remember my wonderful Aunt Jean (God rest her) and those innocent summers so long ago when there were fairies.

So, what do you call them? Fairies? Fireflies? Lightning Bugs? Do you have them in your yard?

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