Little Faces

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Many of you know this story, but far more of you don’t so…here goes!

In 2003, Northwest Airlines closed their maintenance facility in Atlanta, GA. Why does this matter? Well, you see…Jim worked for Northwest. We had options as to where we could move, but the two “best” (where we could go without having to move again in short order) were Minneapolis and Detroit. Since Jim grew up in Detroit and still has family here, Detroit was the obvious answer. That’s how this southern gal got moved to the Midwest.

This is our Home

We must have looked at 50 houses before we landed at the cape cod in the woods adjoining the Metropark. I’d seen photos of this house on line, but our previous experiences had taught me to put little stock in how a place looked in photos. This house was different! It was actually better than the photos showed. It just felt “right” when we pulled up. I was really happy with the layout and the fact that we could easily fence the backyard for four German Shepherd Dogs (yes, we did have four at the time AND a cat – but that’s another whole story). Then there was the final kicker! We looked out one of the windows next to the fireplace, and looking in was a doe. This was a large, beautiful doe with no fear at all in her eyes. I knew I wanted to live here. I wanted to live in a place where a doe was comfortable. I found out that there is no hunting allowed in the park behind us, so the deer (and turkeys, pheasants, grouse, etc.) are “safe.”

Over the years, Momma Doe (real original, I know) has brought her babies through the yard. Most of her babies have brought babies, and so on. We probably have at least four generations worth of moms and babies coming and going through our yard. There have been occasions where there’s been as many as nine deer in the yard at the same time. I’ve named several of the girls (and the boys, too, but we usually only catch glimpses of the bucks in the dusk or in the houselights at night).

The tamest of them, thus far, is Zoe (yep, there’s that creativity again)! Zoe has her first brood this year. Zoe will let me get within about 7 feet of her while she just stands. She is teaching her little ones to not be afraid.

I’ve learned that twins are the rule rather than the exception. Our area has had plentiful rain and lots of forage over the years, so most of the babies have been twins. Since I can’t get close enough to tell, yet, whether they are boys or girls, I try to use names that could be appropriate for either. Zoe’s kids are “Peanut” and “Popcorn.” The first photos are when they had started visiting with their mom (about 6 weeks ago).

These photos were just taken on Saturday (Aug. 6). As you can see, they’ve grown taller and their spots are much fainter. I’m guessing that Popcorn (the larger) may end up being a boy. If so, I’ll just start calling him “Pops.” Pops has obviously been running through the woods as evidenced by the fact that he’s absolutely covered in seeds and burrs. Peanut is more diminutive and also a little less bold. I think you can see that in the photos.

Zoe, Popcorn, & Peanut

It really amazes me how much fawns remind me of foals. They are both precocious and stand and run very early. They also bend their legs in crazy angles so they can get to the grass. They all look so delicate, yet they somehow manage to grow and thrive.

It’s wonderful to have little faces in the yard. I look forward to the new crop every year (just like I used to with horses). I’ve enjoyed sharing my photos with you. Do you have a deer story to share? Do you have little faces in your yard, too?

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