Our Fantastic Journey – Day 6

Day 6: Enterprise to Louisville

We had hoped to be able to stop at Maker’s Mark distillery on the way to Louisville. Unfortunately, this was not to be as we got stuck for several hours sitting stock still on the highway just a few miles from the exit (glad we weren’t IN the accident). So, we decided that this would have to wait until our next trip to Kentucky.

Our hotel was, once again, in a very good location. The Best Western was the nicest place we stayed in. We will probably use it again in the future. It was especially close to Churchill Downs and allowed for easy access to highways.

Another great find in Louisville was Flanagan’s Ale House. It’s a great little restaurant that features over 150 beers. They have a fun menu, good specials, delicious food, and great service. We’ve decided that this will be a regular stop on our future trips to Louisville.