Update on Miracle Dog #555 – Guthrie T

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The following story was shared with me by The Miracle GSD Network and The Thulani Program. I’m so very grateful that they keep me up-to-date with their wonderful stories. If you recall, I first wrote about Guthrie T in September of 2015. I feel especially close to Guthrie T in that we were able to donate to help with his surgery and medical care. I hope you will enjoy this update and appreciate the wonderful work being done by The Miracle GSD Network and The Thulani Program in making a huge difference, one dog at a time.

The Story Of Guthrie T.

Guthrie’s rescue story started at the Moreno Valley Shelter in July of 2015. He became Miracle GSD, #555 and brought into the Thulani Program. He came in as a stray with a bloody, ulcerated toe that needed to be removed and biopsied. As it turned out, he had pneumonia as well! Guthrie was treated for his illness, his toe was removed and thankfully, it was not cancerous.

Guthrie T 1

Guthrie in the Shelter (Before rescue by the Miracle GSD Network)

Guthrie T 5

Guthrie T Knows He’s Now Safe!

Guthrie T 4

Guthrie T looks sad, but his medical care had been accomplished

From there he went to his foster home in early September. During his stay with his foster humans, they discovered that Guthrie had had a pretty rough past. He would run away when his food bowl was given to him. He would lower his head and ears when you reached to pet him. It was very clear that he had fallen victim to some sort of abuse in his past. After about a month with his fosters, he started opening up, trusting, and even came looking for love with smiles and his tail wagging! Once he reached this point, it was time for Adoption Days and a search for his perfect retirement home.

Guthrie T 2

Guthrie T at his Foster Home

Guthrie T

Guthrie T in September!

It took a little while to find his perfect match, but in late December she entered his life. Here are some of her updates:

“All day, when let out, Guthrie would stand at the door and look in but wouldn’t come in if he saw me.

I finally stood by the bedroom sliding door and when he walked in the family room I ran outside, shoeless as to not make noise, and shut the family room sliding glass door.

Just now I let him out to use the bathroom. Got busy and did not leave the door open. After only 10 minutes I heard this howling. It was Guthrie. Opened the door and he came in…. too cute.” 12/30/15

“He has opened up into the amazing dog he was meant to be.

Now sleeping at my bedside. He wants to get on the bed but her royal highness has not allowed this.

He wakes me up to go to the bathroom and runs back in the house as soon as he is finished.” 1/10/16

“The new thing this week is he will come in the house when new people are over and stay near me. He is friendly enough to them in terms not growling but I do not let them pet him yet. We all wonder if he comes inside to protect me?

When they leave he goes back outside.

He won’t come in the garage to sleep but he does go in for his meals and water. Because of his PTSD I do want to get a house for him and put it in a corner of the yard.

When it is dark he does come in to sleep.

He goes to the door for potty and wines a little if I’m sleeping. Smart boy.

Love to see him running to me with his happy smiling face when I come home after even a short absence.

When I tell him he is safe and loved he seems to smile. “ 1/24/16

“loving this boy..

– he is getting in the car

– he went to the vet and had his ears and teeth cleaned .. they said he was a sweet boy

– calmly comes in the house now and even if the door is open stays inside most of the day

– sleeps all over the house, not just in corners

– loves walks

– loves company … or stays near me to protect me?” 2/16/16

“Guthrie no longer has nightmares that cause him to bolt up, growl and cry.

He does not like to stay outside, but will if needed.

New transition –

Guthrie had started crying to get up in the bed a month ago but I didn’t encourage him because Star was so territorial.

One day I walked in the bedroom and he was lying in the middle of the bed as if this is where he was meant to be.

Eventually one day he got up on the bed while I was reading. He was so emotionally overwhelmed he had a panic attack and ran outside to his ‘safe space’.

He now knows to only climb in bed when Star is not in sight and loves to cuddle – well, demands it!

I remember a trainer telling me “why did you take this dog” .. “love will not be enough to help him”.

So happy I trusted my connection and relationship with Guthrie over that advice.” 4/7/16

Looks like Guthrie is finally living his much deserved happily ever after!! Thank you Jeanette (adopter mom) !!

Guthrie T More

Guthrie T Looking Loved and Happy

If you want to learn more about adopting a wonderful dog like Guthrie T, please contact Bob at thulanidogs@gsrnc.org. The Thulani Program has several stipulations for adoption which you can read about on their website: http://thulanidogs.org/

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2 thoughts on “Update on Miracle Dog #555 – Guthrie T

  1. I love to see such happy endings for these poor seniors. Thulani Program is definitely one of the best, they do an excellent job of taking care of these angels. Thanks for sharing……

    • Thanks for reading, Rob! Thulani stories are so uplifting. I thank God for Thulani caring for the seniors. Seniors have so much to give and deserve as much love and care as they can get.

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