Quick Update on Guthrie T

If you’re reading this in email or on Facebook, click on the title! It will take you directly to the blog (an easier viewing page.) If you’re already in my blog, WELCOME! (One more hint: If you click on any of the photos in the blog, they should open up in a browser window so you can get a better look!)

Many of you have asked about some of the “Miracle Dogs” I’ve posted stories about. From the Miracle GSD Network’s Facebook page, I have the following great news:

“Another fabulous senior boy with another fabulous update! These are “progress reports” we NEVER get tired of sharing! GUTHRIE T, Miracle GSD #555 saved by the fab Thulani Program last July is doing great. His Mom, Jeannette shared the following with us: “He has opened up into the amazing dog he was meant to be. Now sleeping at my bedside. He wants to get on the bed but her royal highness has not allowed this. He wakes me up to go to the bathroom and runs back in the house as soon as he is finished. Next week is putting on leash and walks- we have a definite schedule starting at 0600. His best walk time is noon thankfully. As soon as I get him in the car we are going German shepherd boot camp!” The good life… YEAH for Guthrie T!”

Guthrie T 1

Guthrie in the Shelter (Before rescue by the Miracle GSD Network)

Guthrie T 5

Guthrie T Knows He’s Now Safe and Loved!

Guthrie T 2

Guthrie T Shortly After Rescue

Guthrie T

Guthrie T Today!

Everyone who reads my blog knows how I feel about adopting seniors. One look at the “before” and “after” photos here will see exactly why I’m such a proponent of adopting a rescue, and why seniors ROCK!

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Looking Forward to “Seeing” You Here Next Time on Colmel’s Blog!



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