Guthrie T

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The following story was shared with me by the wonderful folks at the Thulani Program. I’m so very grateful that they keep me up-to-date with their wonderful stories. I feel especially close to Guthrie T in that we were able to donate to help with his surgery and medical care. I hope you will open your hearts to Guthrie’s story and enjoy hearing how The Miracle GSD Network and The Thulani Program are making a huge difference, one dog at a time.

Meet Majestic Guthrie T.

Guthrie T

Guthrie T

This boy was found wandering in early July, and was picked up by Moreno Valley Animal Control and taken to the shelter. While there, Guthrie was friendly with everyone, got along great with his kennel mate, and even tested fine with small dogs. No one knows about the life he had before Thulani, but by the looks of him, it surely wasn’t good. He came to the Thulani Program pretty neglected, a mess, and had a bloody ulceration on his toe that surely had to be painful. Thulani offered Guthrie T. a better life than his prior one, which he deserves, and he readily accepted.

Guthrie in the Shelter (Before rescue by the Miracle GSD Network)

Guthrie in the Shelter
(Before rescue by the Miracle GSD Network)

Thulani suspected his toe would need amputated and made immediate arrangements for him to go to the vet upon leaving the shelter. Thank goodness they did. Guthrie T. had a few more obstacles to face. He was very sick once he was pulled out of the shelter, bordering on pneumonia. He had to wait two weeks to feel better before the vet could amputate his toe. With the help of Miracle GSD Network Thulani was not only able to save him but to obtain the necessary money needed to get him on the path to recovery. Guthrie T. is Miracle Dog #555. This boy is very sweet, but still a little scared at the vets.

Guthrie T looks sad, but his medical care has been accomplished

Guthrie T looks sad, but his medical care has been accomplished

Guthrie T While He was Healing

Guthrie T While He was Healing

Guthrie T Knows He's Now Safe and Loved!

Guthrie T Knows He’s Now Safe and Loved! (Just LOOK at that smile!)

He’s had a rough road, but is now ready to put that all behind him into a loving, forever home. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of Guthrie T.’s future road to happiness?  We know this old soul will blossom with attention and care and some family is going to be very lucky to be a part of his life!  Is That YOU? Since Guthrie T. is part of the Thulani Program they are looking for a forever home that will care for him for the rest of his life, in warmth and love. He will come with a supply of food, a cushy pad if wanted, and other goodies such as toys. His medical expenses will be covered for the rest of his life by The Thulani Program. If you want to learn more about Guthrie T., or are possibly interested in providing him a home, please contact Bob at The Thulani Program has several stipulations for adoption which you can read about on their website:

Guthrie T's a Happy, HEALTHY boy Now!

Guthrie’s a Happy, HEALTHY boy Now!

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