Tequila! (Not the Liquor or the Song, But Even MORE Uplifting)

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Amazing Transformation! Just proves that, with love, anything is possible.

Amazing Transformation! Just proves that, with love, anything is possible.

This is the story of Tequila and her “mom,” Susan. I’ve asked other “Miracle Dog” (as well as other rescue dog) parents to share their stories. This is one that is especially heartwarming to me as this beauty was rescued through Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Dog Rescue just like our Dolly and Cinder. The “before” and “after” photos really tell the tale, but Susan’s heartfelt story, in her own words, resonates with the love she feels for her wonderful “miracle.”

Tequila now! I can hardly believe it's the same dog. She is absolutely stunning!

Tequila now! I can hardly believe it’s the same dog. She is absolutely stunning!

“I watched SWMGSDR’s FB page for over a year. At the time, I had my son’s shepherd here almost 4 years (till October 2014). She went back home to the UP. I was lonely for a dog after a couple months, so I seriously started watching Kristin’s postings and saw Tequila and her intake picture just got me in the gut. I applied and ended up getting her Dec. 23, 2014. The first couple days she was a little aloof – just watching me. I found an old tennis ball in the closet and she just lit right up. We played and played. After that she was at my side every minute, like most GSD’s are. It was challenging at times, at first. Noises really can set her off. Snapping, popping, scraping, blow dryer, vacuum…the list goes on. She pants and paces and drools a lot. Then she settles down. I try not to make a big deal about it and go about my business. It’s gotten much better now.

Tequila taking it easy

Tequila taking it easy

For a while, she would pee outside the bathroom door when I took a shower because she couldn’t see me, but won’t come in the bathroom because she doesn’t like the sound of the shower. She is terrified of stairs, so if I was in the basement too long she would get into the garbage or pee at top of steps.

Which toy to choose?

Which toy to choose?

There were times I wondered what I got myself into, but gradually things started getting better. She started to relax and got more confident. I stop and think she must of had a horrible life and who knows what happened to her. She has become my constant companion and snuggle buddy. She’s very obedient. I use a soft voice and it’s like she just gets what I’m saying. She sleeps on the foot of my bed. One night she was panting and rocking the whole bed, so I quietly said, “Quit panting,” and she sighed and quit panting!!

Are you SURE you don't want to play more?

Are you SURE you don’t want to play more?

She absolutely LOVES tennis balls. Chase, chase, chase! She will put the ball right in my lap and keep bumping it with her nose like reminding me to throw it. Or, if I’m standing, she puts it on my feet so I will kick it!.

Don't worry Mom, I got the car!

Don’t worry Mom, I got the car!

She’s a great watch dog – almost too good. I really have to watch her if anyone comes over. Out in public, she is fine. We go to TSC now and then she loves it. She’s always a little shy with strangers, but not aggressive. At home a whole other story!! In my vehicle, if someone comes too close while I am in it, she will bark – big time. She has given me love and makes me feel safe. We live in the country and who knows who may pull in your yard. I love having a dog to care for and love on again. I’ve had shepherds since 1996. They are the best breed out there. Even though she is a mix with some collie in her, she’s still very much a shepherd. We have come a long way in 8 months and I see her continuing to get better (but I think she will always be a garbage picker if I forget to put it up when I go to work). Still love her!! She is in the house loose while I’m at work. She meets me at the door with her ball. One time she couldn’t find her ball and she greets me with an old mousetrap that was laying behind the fridge (normally hidden by the garbage can). She has to greet me with something in her mouth. She has no accidents while I’m gone. At first, I crated her, but she hated it so I took a chance one day and left her out. No problems! She’s just the goodest girl in the world!!. That’s what I say to her when I come home.”

Is this the picture of a happy dog, or what?

Is this the picture of a happy dog, or what?

Isn’t that just the sweetest story? This match had to be made in Heaven, but the Miracle GSD Network and Kristin Bright at Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Dog Rescue were the vehicle used.

Ready for Mardi Gras (although every day is a celebration for Susan and Tequila)

Ready for the holidays (although every day is a celebration for Susan and Tequila)

It was terrific to meet Susan and Tequila at the recent “Homecoming” reunion. I hope to share more stories like this one in the coming weeks and months.

Tequila loves her

Tequila loves her “baby.”

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One thought on “Tequila! (Not the Liquor or the Song, But Even MORE Uplifting)

  1. Isn’t it odd how at times, life (for a better word) steers you to places that you never intended to go?

    I clicked on the link that brought me here (virtually speaking) thinking that I would see a photo of a phantom crane fly. Don’t ask!! Instead, I had the pleasure of reading Tequila’s story. It struck me that just as every thinks their babies and/or grandchildren are cute, I’m not sure that you could find a dog lover that didn’t think their pooch was a miracle dog, regardless of their story. 😛

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