There’s A BEAR in My Yard!

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Got your attention, didn’t I? Actually, yes, there is a Bear in my yard. It’s my adorable 2 ½ year old German Shepherd Dog, Bear. With all the attention given to the weather and things to do in the snow, I thought it only fair to give Bear equal time.


Bear in my Yard

Bear in my Yard

You Talkin' About Me?

You Talkin’ About Me?

Bear loves the snow! The only thing Bear likes more than running in the snow is chasing squirrels in the snow. That’s an activity I haven’t mentioned before – squirrel chasing. There’s a certain joy in watching a dog plow through the snow after a furry-tailed rodent. Sure, it’s not a ‘personal’ activity, per se; it’s a spectator sport. Considering the fact that I always have about 14 bird feeders full at any one time, there is no shortage of targets. I tried really hard to get a photo of Bear in flight after a squirrel.



In case you’re wondering about the tail…yes, he was born with one. In March of last year, he and Sydney were playing. They would play chase and he would slow down just a little to let her almost catch up to him. I used to laugh at him when he would do that. It was just as though he was saying, “Nah, nah, nah! You can’t catch me_e” in the way that all children do. He always got away unscathed.  Well…almost always. This time, though, he slowed down just at the wrong time and Sydney caught the tip of his tail. Without going into gory de-tail (oh, I made a pun), no matter how we tried to save his tail, he just wouldn’t leave it alone long enough to heal. After several surgeries (and weeks in the ‘cone of shame’) to remove just one more bone, we agreed that he would have to have it bobbed.



To this day, I’m still trying to get used to it, but everyone who meets him says it “fits” his personality. If there’s a benefit to it, it might be that items on my shelves and tables are now a whole lot safer.

Did He Go That Way?

Did He Go That Way?

When Bear isn’t chasing squirrels or annoying Sydney, he can be a downright awesome buddy. He likes to sit next to my chair when I’m here. I often wonder if he’d like to put in his ‘two-cents-worth.’


I think he may know that I’m writing about him.

Dogs 002 

I’d love to hear about your special buddy! Please share him or her in the “Comments” section.

Up Next:  A Bird in the Hand…


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