WIDMSV – Munising: Muldoon’s & Open Wings; Marquette: Irish Rover

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WIDMSV? What I Did on My Summer Vacation!


So, when we left you last, we’d just come off the Shipwreck Cruise. Now we are starving! We’d been reading that Muldoon’s Pasties perennially wins all competitions for the best pasties in the UP. It was time for us to find out for ourselves.


Okay, so I hear my southern brethren asking, “What the heck is she talking about? Pasties?” No, y’all, not the twirly things that exotic dancers wear. These are delectable edibles. The best description I can give is that it’s like a hand-held pot pie. I believe they originated in the British Isles. Back in the day, miners didn’t get much time for lunch/dinner. So the women came up with a way to bake meat and root vegetables into a sturdy, sealed crust. The “Cornish” pasty was born. When a whole bunch of miners emigrated to the UP to mine copper and iron, they brought their pasties and recipes with them. Today, they are basically the same as they’ve always been, except they are usually served with gravy or ketchup, and mostly they are eaten with utensils. See the photos below.




Pasty with Gravy


In our opinion, all those awards given to Muldoon’s were absolutely correct. They are the best I’ve ever had outside of home-cooked. They are very, very filling. Unless you have a huge appetite, it’s probably best to split one between two people. The gravy was delicious, too. Muldoon’s makes beef (which we had), chicken, vegetarian, cherry and apple pasties. The cherry and apple seem to us to be a northern translation of what we (down south) call fried pies. Wish we’d had room to try them, but as I said, those beef ones are mighty filling. I guess we’ll have to wait for our next trip to Munising to try the fruit-filled ones.


On our way back to Marquette, we stopped at Open Wings Pottery. What a remarkable place! They actually throw the pots there (and it was SO hot – I can’t imagine trying to work with clay and firing up kilns). Their work was amazing! They also feature art from many different media (jewelry, textiles, and other potters’ works). I could have spent hours and loads of cash in their shop. As it was, we ended up purchasing the necklace below (it’s Lake Superior Jasper and Greenstone)




and the cool luminary/utensil holder (I haven’t decided which I will use it for yet) with the outline of the UP.


It was a full day, and we were completely exhausted. We decided to stay right in Marquette for supper. After the huge pasty from Muldoon’s, I really wasn’t very hungry for supper. A nice, cold beer is what I had in mind. So we decided to head to The Wild Rover (http://wildrovermqt.com) . I knew that a pub was the best place to unwind and end the day. I opted for a Black & Tan and stuffed potato skins. Jim chose a KBC (Keweenaw Brewing Company – www.keweenawbrewing.com) Blonde and fish & chips. Our waiter was very attentive without being overbearing. Again, we decided to split a dessert. We ended our meal with an incredible molten lava cake with raspberry coulis. (If you know me, you know I’m a complete sucker for anything raspberry!)


We headed back to Blueberry Ridge and prepared to end our stay. The next destination was one I had been anxiously awaiting – the Keweenaw Peninsula.


Up Next: Birding in Michigamme and Visiting Houghton


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