Another True(ly) Frightening Experience

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I don’t know if you would call it the “Devil” or just a manifestation of an evil force, but I know it exists.


When I was in my early 20s, I had an experience with what I consider the supernatural, and it truly frightened me.


We were in our home in on Eagles’ Nest Mountain in Waynesville, North Carolina which was on top of a mountain with a terrific view of the Smokies. Every thing about the house was warm and comfortable – except one night. That night there was no indication that something really evil was about to show itself.


We all went to bed as normal. My dad wasn’t home with us, so my little sister was upstairs with my mother in her room, my brother was in his bedroom, and I was in mine. Everything settled down to a noiseless, deep darkness.


The next thing I knew, our dog (a German Shepherd/Collie mix) jumped up on the bed and started to walk up onto my chest and stare down at me. It occurred to me that there was very little weight to her (now, this was a 50+ lb dog). I knew something wasn’t right. Then as I looked at her and tried to speak, her eyes started to glow an eerie reddish glow. The whole feel was of some extreme evil. This was absolutely NOT my dog. It was something trying to take on her image to get to me.


I somehow jumped out from under the “being” and reached for the light switch. As the light came on, there was nothing in the room. I thought perhaps it was a dream, but I truly did get to the switch, the lights did come on, and I did “feel” the being walk up on me. I truly don’t believe, in my heart, that it was a dream.


I ran through the house to make certain that the evil was gone and I wanted to make sure my dog was okay. Sure enough, our dog was in my brother’s room and looked up sleepily when I opened his door. She was fine and not at all the evil thing that had been in my room.


Whatever it was, it was something I would not want to repeat. I think the worst was that it used a familiar, much-loved creature as its disguise.

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