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We did it! We brought home a Bear!

I’m not talking a Grizzly, a Kodiak, a Polar, a Brown, or even a Black bear. I’m talking a German Shepherd puppy, “Bear!”

This is a BEAR!

Bear is the newest member of our family. He will be a whole year old on August 6. He’s a gorgeous boy who is going to be big – no, I mean BIG!!! He’s already taller than Sidney. If he grows in to his feet and ears, he’s going to be something else, indeed!

Bear came from a loving home. His former family didn’t have time to continue working with a puppy and take care of three young children (8, 4, and 2). We’ve had the luxury of meeting Jennifer, Jake and Ella (Bear’s former mom, dad, and one of his girls). They are remarkable people. It’s so obvious that they love Bear. I can tell (after meeting them) why he’s such a sweet boy. This is the same kind of home that our Chief came from. People who love their dogs but, for whatever reason, can’t continue to have them in their home and contact a rescue organization are the dream of folks like us who always adopt from rescue. Bear stayed with his family until we found each other. They were willing to keep Bear with them (and love him) until they were comfortable that a happy home with lots of love could be found for him. Too many dogs don’t have loving homes to begin with nor do they end up in happy homes through rescue.

"Stick with me, Kid!"

Bear is still a puppy and has much to learn about how to get along in our home. He’s a quick learner. At first, we had issues with him jumping up on us and being very mouthy. Mind you, he didn’t bite aggressively, he just liked to grab hold of your arms, hands, ankles, etc. with his mouth to get attention. Basically, he was testing his boundaries. He has learned pretty well (in only a week) that his boundaries do not include such actions. He and Sydney have started to forge a bond which will be good for both of them. It’s so much fun to watch Syd in the yard! She has a shadow (a larger, thinner shadow) in her wake. She is definitely the boss!

That's a Good one!

Bear could teach Sydney his manners on the leash! He’s graduated as a “Star Puppy” from AKC puppy class and has done some intermediate obedience training. I must really commend his former family for taking him through that training. As he is such a large puppy, it could have been very difficult to work with him if he had not gotten good, early education.

You will, undoubtedly, be hearing more about Bear. I will share his progress as it’s wonderful to be able to share the fun. We’re learning right along with him.

Our "Bear Rug"

I’m going to get on my soapbox (just a little) again, I can’t stress firmly enough how wonderful it is to get a dog through rescue. There are so many needing homes. If you are interested in a particular breed, there are breed-specific rescues. There are various on-line sources, as well as your local humane societies. Rescue organizations can tell you more about your prospective family member. But never fear, the rescue groups get most of their new pups from local shelters. Any path you decide to follow with adoption, you’re saving a life. It’s all good!

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4 thoughts on “BEAR!!!

  1. How wonderful to here joy in you post he is a very lucky boy that he came to a home with love no doubt he will fill you heart with love our hearts can stretch just when we think we got no more room inside oxoxxo

  2. I never thought y’all would ever have a “bear” of any kind in your home(yes that was a Detroit Lion thing), but glad you are finding wonderful dogs to rescue. Next thing you know you will be adopting one and naming it “Buckeye”. Just kidding. Good luck with the new family member.

    • LOL! Actually, Bear had his name when we got him. He earned it with his mouthiness the first week (still have bruises to prove it). You can rest assured that if we ever rescue a dog with the moniker “Buckeye,” that the name will change in the first breath (probably to “Bo!”)

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