Farmers’ Markets (Howell)

I previously wrote, farmers’ markets are a way of life in our part of Michigan. Most run from May through the beginning of October. There are a few (e.g., Ann Arbor) that have winter markets, but those will be the subject of a later blog (or two).


Livingston Cty Court House

 Where the Ann Arbor market is covered and in a dedicated area, the Howell Farmers’ market (held on Sundays) is held on the streets around the courthouse (Howell is the county-seat for Livingston County, MI).

Dog-friendly! LOVE IT!

The Howell farmers’ market is much smaller than the Brighton or the Ann Arbor markets – which can be a good thing. It’s a very laid back, family- and pet-friendly venue.

There are wonderful stands with people selling eggs from their own free-range chickens and excellent baked goods (Czech bakery and Polish bakery – YUMMMM)! You can find home-made soaps, sauces, maple syrup and other maple products. The variety is surprising considering the smaller size of the market.

Flower Sellers

Due to our late spring (cold weather and very wet conditions into June), the vegetables haven’t really started to mature. The early season crops (garlic, radishes, onions, early beans, blueberries, raspberries, some cherries) are starting to show up. The flower-sellers are having a good year with lots of potted plants starting to be at their best now.

Later in the summer (within the next three or four weeks), there will be wonderful ‘maters, peaches, apples, sweet corn, and a great variety of other veggies and fruit. (I’ll discuss Michigan produce versus that from other states in a later blog. You may be surprised – I was!)

The craftspeople are also on hand. On any given Sunday,  you can find beautiful, hand-turned wooden bowls, wooden toys, hand-crafted jewelry, and many different varieties of clothing. There is usually a gentleman who sharpens knives. Frequently, there are people selling interesting yard-art.

Jim & Friend

You just never know what you’ll see. It’s so much fun! The people-watching is sometimes the best part! Just take a look at the photo. That’s Jim with a Pink Cockatoo (aka Major Mitchell’s/ Leadbeater’s). The owner was walking down the street with the bird on his arm. Being bird-lovers, we naturally stopped to see the bird. Recognizing fans, the gentleman just stuck the bird on Jim’s arm. Must say the bird loves to show off. Just look at the raised crest and wings!

This is why I enjoy the Howell market so much! It’s so relaxed and there’s always something new to enjoy. The sellers are all neighbors and they seem to be enjoying themselves as much as the rest of us. It’s like a friendly, neighborly get-together where you can, incidentally, buy some really good stuff!




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3 thoughts on “Farmers’ Markets (Howell)

  1. Hi good photo of Jim hope you not gonna rescue birds you have a good selection in you garden our F markets are very simmler some of the small town’s have French & German one think it depends which town they are twined with
    Carol x

    • That’s how I first got interested in farmers’ markets – spending time as a young adult in England and Europe. Visiting farmers’ markets taught me more useful information about the differing cultures than any book or classroom ever could! (And, no, no bird rescues for us!)

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