In Praise of Rescue Dogs (Adding to the Pack)

Cheyenne had joined our family (which consisted of Jim and  me, along with 2 cats). She was such a wonderful addition, but we felt like she needed a dog. Seriously, she needed a friend. Jim’s schedule had changed and we were both working day-shifts. Cheyenne was by herself for hours at a time. We  really felt badly for her as she was such a social dog. So, back we went to  rescue.

It just so happened that they had a lovely, white German  Shepherd Dog who had also gone through treatment for heartworm and come out the other side. His situation was completely different. He’d been left by his former (so-called) people tied to a tree with no food or water when they left  town. Luckily, neighbors saw this and called the humane association who called the rescue. That’s how we came to have Blizzard (who was named Clorox – really – at the time) come to visit. He and Cheyenne hit it off immediately and our little pack was formed – or so we thought at the time.

I must mention here that most rescue dogs will arrive with  some kind of “baggage.” Cheyenne really had never been misused or mistreated as such, but she’d been heartworm positive. Blizzard, sadly, had been very mistreated. His trust levels were nil. However, with lots of loving reinforcement, his life turned into one happy day after another. That’s the secret – with any dog – give them lots of love, consistency, and reason to trust. They’ll give you back the love and trust tenfold!

Blizzard and Cheyenne were quite a team. They really did seem to need each other. They both loved to ride in the car, go for walks on  mountain trails (we were in Georgia at the time and there were lots of wonderful trails to explore) and just relax at home with their people.

After that, we decided to try our hand at fostering.

Our first attempt went beautifully! Into our lives came a sweet, abandoned, young female shepherd. She was so thrilled to be cared for that she’d wag her tail into walls so hard that it would bleed. Poor girl! It seemed to me that she’d never had a bit of human kindness. She was a sponge for affection. She even loved the cats! It didn’t take any time at all for her to find her forever home. It felt so wonderful to help save another wonderful dog. We decided that we could continue to foster.

The next two “fosters” became the third and fourth permanent members of our pack. Guinevere and Liesel are talked about (at length) in
earlier posts (Saying Farewell 1 & 2).

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4 thoughts on “In Praise of Rescue Dogs (Adding to the Pack)

    • Thank you, Tipper! He was a beautiful boy! Everyone who ever met Blizzard loved him. White German Shepherd Dogs aren’t as rare as you might think. They aren’t allowed in the AKC shows (as if that mattered to me – but it does to some). I will just say that they are “different.” They have a more happy-go-lucky attitude than most sheps.

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