Our Fantastic Journey – Day 5

Day 5: Enterprise, AL

Cait’s class was the only class at Enterprise High School to never have had a physical building for a school. Enterprise High School was destroyed by an EF4 tornado in 2007.

They had attended some classes at the Community College and other classes elsewhere. It’s remarkable that so many opted to continue with Enterprise High when they could have attended other schools who had been unaffected by the storm. These kids had to have a real drive and showed a sense of community that is rare in this day and age. Appropriately, they were the last class to be allowed to hold their graduation ceremonies in “The Hole.” The Hole is the stadium of the previous school. Since it was a dug-out stadium, the tornado had not destroyed it other than tearing some of the metal seat stripping out and depositing in the trees. Those trees still standing, still have pieces of the school and the stadium stuck in them. It’s an eerie sight.

There were all kinds of nasty storms in the area the day of graduation, but it cleared out and was beautiful by 6:00 p.m. on Thursday for the graduation. Again, I think it was only appropriate that these kids were allowed by the system AND by Mother Nature to graduate in their old stadium. The next class will graduate in the new stadium at the newly-built school which is a few miles from the destroyed school.

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